Weekly Challah Baking Social

You are invited to the Ertel home every Wed night to create, and bake, your very own challah. Join 30-50 students at the Ertel home!
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One on One Meetings

Sit down once a week for a half-hour with Rabbi Ertel and delve into Jewish Philosophy or any aspect of Judaism you've always been curious about.
@ Perks Coffee Shop UCSD
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Meet the Staff

Rabbi Eric and Chaya Ertel

Rabbi Ertel and Chaya have been teaching classes, running trips, social programs, and have hosted hundreds of students at their home for Shabbos meals for several years

Our Mission

SAJE, short for San Diego Jewish Experience, is an on campus organization which services the San Diego area. Its mission is to connect Jewish students with their religion, culture, and each other. Through programing such as Shabbat/Holiday meals, one on one learning, classes, and a variety of social events young adults can experience for themselves the importance of their heritage.